Great First General Meeting

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Slow Food Maui General MeetingWe had a great first general meeting at the Maui Nui Botanical Gardens yesterday. Here’s the skinny:

In Attendance:
Susan Teton, Chair
Charlene Kauhane, Treasurer + Education Committee
Becky Speere, Membership + Ag/Farm Committee
Dania Katz, Secretary + Volunteer Committee
Roxanne Tiffin, Core member
Tova Callendar, Core member + Endorsement Committee
Chris Speere, Core Member
Shannon Wianecki, Core member + Chef/Restaurant Liaison Committee
Nio Kindla
Elyse Ditzel
Daniel Southmayd
Dyanna Smith
Melissa McKelvey
Gary Ramachandran
Sundya Ramachandran
Amanda Schaefer

Slow Food Maui General MeetingQuick Minutes:

  • Susan Teton, Introduction, mahalos and history of Slow Food USA.
  • Dania Katz, mission statement
  • Charlene Kauhane + Becky Speere, spoke about previous fundraising events
  • Becky Speere + Dania Katz, spoke about upcoming events
  • Tova Callendar, announce committees

We had a few committee signups, but we could always use more. Contact us if you’re interested in joining the cause:

Education: Charlene Kauhane
Ag/Farm: Becky Speere
Endorsement: Tova Callendar
Chef/Restaurant: Shannon Wianecki
Volunteer: Dania Katz

Thank you all for coming! We’re off to a great start!

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