Slow Food Maui Chapter – Call for Nominations and Notice of Officer Elections

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Slow Food MauiElections for the 2012-2014 Officers of the Slow Food Maui Chapter will be held on Tuesday, August 9, from 6:00 pm – 7:30 p.m. in the Pāʻina Building at the Maui Culinary Academy. Slow Food Maui seeks nominations for five positions including chair, vice chair, secretary, treasurer and membership chair. Nominations are due by noon on Sunday, August 7. Click here to proceed to the nomination form. The official ballot will be posted online on this website by Monday, August 8, and distributed at the meeting.

Only paid members are allowed to vote. Click here to become a member or to re-activate membership.

Current officers include Susan Teton Campbell, chair; Jana McMahon, vice chair; Dania Katz, secretary and Charlene Kaʻuhane, treasurer. Membership Chair is vacant.

The board term limits for each position are set at two year terms. Board members serve as volunteers and may serve a maximum of eight years in one position, provided that confirmation by election occurs at least once every four years. Members who have served for eight consecutive years may be eligible for re-election after a minimum one-year hiatus. (Slow Food USA suggests a board term of 2-3 years.)

The Chapter Board is positions are described here:

The Chair liaises with the Slow Food USA national office, the Regional Governor and other Chapter Chairs in the region. The Chair runs general meetings, acts as one of two signing authorities for the chapter bank account, acts as primary contact for the group, oversees the activities of the chapter, and ensures that the chapter is meeting all annual requirements.
The Vice Chair acts in the Chair’s stead when the Chair is unavailable, and oversees the sub-committees.
The Treasurer tracks the income and expenditures of the chapter, acts as one of two signing authorities for the Chapter bank account, prepares an annual budget for the Chapter, and sets fundraising goals and activities for the chapter.
The Secretary produces agendas and minutes for Chapter Board meetings and the Annual Membership meeting. The secretary produces meeting minutes.
The Membership Chair maintains and updates the chapter membership list each month. The membership chair seeks ways to recruit and retain members.

Once elected The Chapter Board of Slow Food Maui will guide the general direction of the group, ensuring the projects and activities of the Chapter are consistent with the ideas and values of the Slow Food movement.

Board meetings are held monthly. The board meeting agenda shall be sent in advance via email, or can follow a regular agenda of reports from each Board member on activities and plans. All Board members must be notified in advance of a vote, and be permitted to submit their vote prior to the meeting if they will be absent. A quorum is defined as half plus one. At least two board meetings per year shall be open to members to observe or propose ideas to the Board.

Slow Food Maui promotes locally grown foods and culturally diverse culinary practices for health, pleasure, and island food security. Slow Food Maui is a local chapter of the international Slow Food movement. A chapter, also called a convivium, is a tool for implementing the Slow Food mission on a local level and therefore the grassroots expression of the movement. Slow Food Maui engages the local community in supporting and promoting local, sustainable food and food traditions and advocating for good, clean and fair food for all people. The chapter’s primary focus is described in the above chapter mission statement. Slow Food is a nonprofit organization with public and charitable purposes. It is not organized for the private gain of any person.

Call 808-243-2290 if you have any questions or require more information.

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