Take The $5 Challenge September 17

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Take The $5 Challenge September 17

Take The $5 Challenge September 17

Slow Food Maui is having its second annual general meeting at the Maui Culinary Academy’s Leis Family Class Act Restaurant located in the Pāʻina Building at the UH-Maui Campus on Saturday, September 17, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. where anyone interested can sign up for membership and learn more about the organization.

In addition, we are gathering for a Grown on Maui $5 Challenge Potluck. This free event is open to the general public. Participants are asked to bring an individual slow food meal for five dollars or less, or a potluck dish to serve any number of people at $5 per serving.

Why $5? Slow Food Maui joins Slow Food USA Chapters with a Day of Action where people can attend any one of the hundreds of slow food gatherings nationwide. Participation is easy. To take “The $5 Challenge” simply pledge to cook a slow food meal for five dollars or less, or attend a local event.

What if $5 is too much for me and my family? We recognize that $5 is actually not a small amount of money – but it is the cost of a typical fast food “value meal”, so we figured that was a good starting place for cooing up a meal that reflects your values.

This campaign hopes to find ways to make eating “slow” easier, while also acknowledging what makes it hard. Understanding the hard part and how to fix the hard part… is the hard part. And it’s where we’ve all got out work cut out for us.

Attendees to the Maui potluck are asked to bring their own plate, utensils, napkin and beverage. In addition to the $5 requirement, Slow Food Maui seeks dishes featuring Grown on Maui produce, products and/or proteins. Prizes will be given to fan-favorite dishes, voted on by all attendees. Parking is free. RSVP to charlene[at]SlowFoodMaui[dot]org.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What’s the goal of the day?
 The goal is to take back the ‘value meal’ – because slow food shouldn’t have to cost more than fast food. We’re asking people to share what they do in their kitchens and with their families to cook fresh, healthy food on a budget. Together, we’re learning what works, what doesn’t, and what needs to change in order to make good food affordable and available for everyone.
  2. What will people do that day?
 Get together with friends, family, and neighbors for slow food meals that cost less than $5 per person. You can sign up or find a local $5 meal at Slow Food USA. The meals can be potlucks, dinners, workshops, or anything else – as long as it’s less than $5 and you register it online. No meal is too small.
  3. Who can organize a meal?
 Anyone! Many of the $5 meals are being organized by Slow Food chapters across the country, but anyone can organize a $5 meal and register it online.
  4. What if I’m busy on September 17?
 You can take the $5 Challenge any time! Take the pledge in order to show your support, and we’ll send you $5 cooking tips and updates on the campaign.


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