A Letter From The Vice President of Slow Food

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A Letter From The Vice President of Slow Food

Vice President of Slow Food


At this moment in time, there is nothing more hopeful than the Slow Food movement.

Taking care of the land, educating children, feeding ourselves in nutritious and delicious ways, and bringing communities together at the table: this is the common language of Slow Food.

And if you, too, speak this language then I hope you’ll become a member during our first-ever global membership campaign.

It was the values of taste and pleasure that brought me into this movement, but it is the values of social justice and preservation of biodiversity that keep me engaged. These are the values we need in order to live together on this planet.

Your membership now will help these vital projects, and many others, continue to thrive:

Slow Food in Schools: An international project to bring our children into a new relationship to food through a hands-on, interactive curriculum in the garden and in the kitchen.

The Ark of Taste: Cataloging endangered heritage fruits, vegetables, animal breeds, cheeses, breads, sweets, and cured meats to preserve them for future generations.

Presidia: Working with groups of local producers around the globe to maintain sustainable farms and ranches at risk of extinction.

10,000 Gardens in Africa: Creating 10,000 food gardens across the continent in schools, villages, and the outskirts of cities.

Slow Food Youth Network: Connecting energetic young Slow Food members around the globe that will take this movement into the next generations.

Earth Markets: Building an international network of farmers’ markets that promote good, clean and fair food.

This is how we promote and share Slow Food values in a fast food world.

Please, join Slow Food right now.

With hopefulness,

Alice Waters
Vice President
Slow Food International

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